Safewater Alarms Limited Family Protection Products since 2005
Safewater Alarms Limited   Family Protection Products since 2005

About us


In the Beginning:

Formed in 2005.

Family run business.

Main products: Safety Turtle, Poolguard & Skamper Ramp

Other products: We sell a small range of good quality child protection products. Snuza, Babysense, Lostme Foundme, etc, etc.


What makes us different:

What makes us different from other sites is we don't just sell, we also try and educate our readers. We do our best to update our web site on up to date information on child safety and child protection.

The other reason is we know our products, we are not just a company that sells, we have taken time to know how our products work and we trust in what we sell. Tried and Tested not cheap and cheerful. You can, at any time ring our office and ask our staff a question on our products, we will either give you an answer or endeavour to get you an answer.

Where we're going:

We are going to try and educate Mothers and fathers on the dangers that garden ponds, swimming pools and all forms of water can bring to there love ones.

If our products helps save just one life then Safewater Alarms is a worth while company to own.



Mahatma Gandhi once said " Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value"


Paul McHugh