Safewater Alarms Limited Family Protection Products since 2005
Safewater Alarms Limited   Family Protection Products since 2005

Living on a Boat, Sailing, Fishing or Pleasure Cruising


Overboard Alarm


The Safety Turtle is an extremely effective "Man Overboard" device that will warn you the moment your child or family pet falls overboard into any form of fresh water. Worn on there person or fastened to there life jacket the Safety Turtle will still signal the base station as far as 9 feet below the water and with a range of 60mtrs (200 feet) it will insure you are alerted to the danger as soon as it occurs.

The base station sounds a load alarm when the Turtle is immersed in fresh water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset.

The Turtle wristband locks securely with a key-a child cannot remove it.

The Turtle wristbands are permanently sealed and built to withstand a child's rugged play. The base station can come with a battery pack that lasts up to 10 hours full charged

Turtle wristbands are available in child and adult length.

An adaptor conveniently attaches the Turtle arms to any pet collar, life jacket strap or belt.  




Holidays on Canal Boats

Walking by lakes or rivers

Living on a boat Living by a river or lake

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Use in sea, brackish water & Salt Chlorinated Pools

Sea and Brackish Water

 The Turtle will not alarm reliably on entry in the water. To work reliably, the Turtle must thereafter break or nearly break the surface of the water.

Boating – Alarming is not 100 % reliable unless the subject is also wearing a life jacket.

 Attach Turtle to rear shoulder strap [above the buoyancy line] using Velcro Adaptor, or to wrist using locking wristband.

Shoreline – While not 100% reliable in all cases, Safety Turtle is effective with a graduated beach. Even if the child is knocked down by a breaker, alarming will occur when the breaker recedes.

Attach Turtle to wrist only.

Rescue may not be successful or even possible if the subject is not wearing a life jacket.
Performance of Safety Turtle in sea and brackish water is limited. The Turtle must break the surface of seawater after becoming wet to activate the alarm.


Salt Chlorinated Pools

Do you have a salt chlorinated pool? If you aren’t sure, consult your pool contractor. If you do have a salt chlorinated pool, read the following:

The salt concentration of chloride salt pools and spas is typically 2,400 to 3,600 ppm, but this varies in practice. The concentration of bromide salt pools and spas is about half this. The salt concentration of non-salt chlorinated pools and spas, including pools using ozonators, varies from 50 parts per million [ppm] to several hundred ppm.

For successful set up with a chloride salt pool, the Base Station may have to be less than 50 ft. [15 m.] from the pool. Above a 4000 ppm salt concentration, the Base Station may have to be pool side. Consider a Commercial/Extended Range System that alarms at both the pool and in the residence.