Safewater Alarms Limited Family Protection Products since 2005
Safewater Alarms Limited   Family Protection Products since 2005

Swimming Pool Alarms

          Aqualarm Classic    *******                        *******   Precisio

Compare all the alarms we stock by pressing the button below

  • We stock all our pool alarms
  • Discrete,Immestar and the NEW Aqualarm Classic and Precisio are all AFNOR complient
  • The Poolguard SB requires no fitting
  • Poolguard and Poolguard SB HAVE in house sounders
  • Poolguard comes with 3 Years warranty
  • You can buy a in house sounder separately for the Discrete
  • Poolguard is made in the USA
  • Immestar,Discrete, Aqualarm and Precisio are made in France
  • Discrete can be fitted to a pool with a shutter

Choose what's best for you and your family.

Protect the pool with a Pool Alarm


Protect the child with the Safety Turtle



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