Safewater Alarms Limited Family Protection Products since 2005
Safewater Alarms Limited   Family Protection Products since 2005

                          Discrete DSM 1.0 Pool Alarm (AFNOR Complient)

Watching : pressure sensor

No inopportune alert caused by wind or rain

Miniaturized device

Fit to existing swimming pools or new constructions

Remote control

Automatic return to watching after the bath

Adapted to a shutter 

Made in France

Audible and luminous signals indicating watching status

Power by 4 supplied alkaline batteries

Discreet and aesthetic

Designed to protect a pool 8 x 4mtrs

For larger pools or pools with shape, more than one alarm may be rquired



This alarm is covered by a French 

certification of conformity with 

respect to the NF P90-307-1:873 

and decree by the National Test and 

Metrology Laboratory (LNE France) 

from july 16 of 2009


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