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The Safety Turtle 2.

If you are unsure at what you need, check out our "what do I need " page and find out what's best for your needs.

United States:- If your're buying the Safety Turtle to use over in the United States you will  need to buy a voltage Converter to be able to use this product. 

Drowning Protection for Children 

Safety Turtle Starter Pack


Please be aware that salt water pools may have high salinity that can create tiny microbubbles which can slow the radio signal,The Base station may have to be 1-2 meters away from the pool 

Safety Turtle 2.0 is the new version of the original Safety Turtle. 

The Safety Turtle 2.0 Base is always watching and comes with a convenient USB cord as well as a wall adapter. It has a power light and a low battery light to tell you its time to replace the Turtle wristbands (3-5 years).

If the Turtle wristband gets wet it will immediately alarm at the base alerting you that the child is in the pool. One base can accommodate unlimited Turtles. Take it with you to friends or vacation homes. Works in all pools. Child kit includes Safety Turtle 2.0 Base, USB cord, AC adapter, one black wristband with a green Turtle and a key. One year warranty from date of purchase. Safety Turtle 2.0 is not compatible with the older model.


Safety Turtle 2.0 Child kit includes base, USB cord, black wristband with green Turtle , key and AC adapter and carry bag



See catalogue page for details on how to buy

The production of the Safety Turtle has been severely impacted by a supply issue due to COVID  19, We are out of stock for summer 2022.






PLEASE BEWARE -These Prices do not include Import Duty ,due to Brexit anything brought outside the UK will be charged Import VAT and Customs Duties   . Please check what additional cost and import duty is before ordering .



Starter Pack 1     1no Base station and 1no Turtle Wrist Band            £210.00

 Starter Pack 2     1no Base Station and 2no Turtle Wrist Bands          £285.00

Extra Wrist Bands      £79.99

The Features of the Base Station and Safety Turtle wrist bands are as follows.

  • Safety Turtle works with ALL Fresh Water, natural [lake, river and pond] or man made [pool, hot tub and pond].

  • No installation required.

  • A loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset.

  • Children enjoy wearing the colourful Turtle Wristbands.

  • The Turtle Wristband locks securely around a child's wrist, using the key provided.

  • The Turtle is permanently sealed and rugged to withstand children's play.

  • The Turtle has a battery life of 3 – 4 years

  • A child wearing his/her Turtle is protected even while the pool is in use or is being cleaned. There is no need to ever “turn off” the system.

  • Safety Turtle is easily portable.

  • Unlike other pool alarms, Safety Turtle can alert if your child falls in an immediate neighbours pool,spa or garden pond

Question and Answers

Q. Why do I need the Safety Turtle

The reason you need the Safety Turtle is that it takes 2 seconds for a child to drown and 2inches of water to drown in. Most accidents and deaths occur while the child is being supervised and in the majority of the time the child is only missing for a very short duration. The Safety Turtle does not take over your duty as a parent to safeguard your children but it increases your layers of protection.

Q. What do I need

If you are going on holiday to a Villa, you need a Base Station and however many wrist bands to the number of children you want to protect. If you are going to a Hotel with a pool or want to go out of the confines of your villa to a water park or boating, you will require the battery pack. This makes the system totally portable and allows you to safeguard your children where ever you go.

Q. Is the Safety Turtle just for holidays

No the Safety Turtle is for any time you think there is a danger that your children could be around water. That could be your back garden pond or even your neighbours pond, the Childs paddling pool or some thing as meaningless as a garden bucket filled with rain water.

Q. How long will the Turtle last

The Safety Turtle comes with a battery that is permanently sealed with in its self, if used under normal use, the manufacturer says that it will last 3-4 years. It can be tested before use by putting the Base station in test mode and dipping the Turtle in water, this will set off the Base station in low volume and insure you that the Safety Turtle is in full working order. (See operating instructions)

Q. What plug does it come with

It comes with a UK plug

Q. How big is the whole kit

The Safety Turtle box is 130mm x 240mm x 60mm 

Q. Will my child wear the wrist band

The wristband has been designed to appeal to children. Feedback from customers indicates that children enjoy wearing the wristband. In many cases after the wristband has been taken off for supervised swimming or bathing, children will remind their parents to lock the wristband back on again.

Q. At what age can you use the Safety Turtle

The Safety Turtle can be used as soon as your child starts to crawl, the standard kit comes with a 20cm locking wristband which can be adjusted to suit the babies wrist.


Here are some tips moving ahead:

- never store Turtle in a plastic bag or sealed container Turtles need to breathe
- always remove wristband before bathing or taking your child/pet in pool
- use only Terrapin velcro "pet adaptor" strap to attach Turtle to upper side of pet collar
- once pool coverage has been tested first time, subsequently test by immersing only half the Turtle. This tests sensitivity and makes turn off almost immediate.
- avoid unplugging Base Station while it is alarming


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