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Safewater Alarms Limited   Family Protection Products since 2005

Safety Turtle Personal Immersion Alarm for Pets

The  production of the Safety Turtle has been severely impacted by a supply issue due to COVID  19, We have very low stock available for summer 2021.

United States:- If your're buying the Safety Turtle to use over in the United States you will  need to buy a voltage Converter to be able to use this product. 

                        NEW----------Safety Turtle 2.-----------NEW

Safety Turtle 2.

Safety Turtle 2.0 is the new version of the original Safety Turtle.

The perfect way to know if your pet is in the pool! Even if pets can swim, they often have trouble finding the steps to get out. The Safety Turtle 2.0 pet kits includes the Safety Turtle 2.0 base, always watching the pool, a Safety Turtle 2.0 turtle on a velcro strap for the collar, USB cord and wall adapter.. You can add as many pet adapters or child wristbands to a system as needed. If your pet enters the water the Safety Turtle 2.0 base will alarm. One year warranty from purchase date. Not compatible with older Safety Turtle models.
The Safety Turtle 2.0 Pet Kit is exactly the same as the Child kit except the Turtle is on a velcro strap (not a locking wristband). The Safety Turtle 2.0 wil alarm at the base if your pet enters the pool. Works in all pools and can accommodate as many Turtles as needed




  • Safety Turtle addresses your water safety concerns and is convenient and easy to use with any pet:
  • Safety Turtle works with ALL Fresh Water, natural [lake, river and pond] or man made [pool, hot tub and pond]..
  • No installation required.
  • Quick set up and test.
  • A loud alarm instantly sounds at the Base Station when the Turtle is immersed in water. The alarm continues to sound until it is reset.
  • The Turtle is small and light enough to be worn by the tiniest dog or cat. The Turtle securely attaches to any pet’s collar, harness or life jacket using the supplied Velcro Adaptor.
  • The Turtle is available in green only
  • The Turtle is permanently sealed and can withstand pet's play. The Turtle has a battery life of 3-4 years.
  • Your pet is protected even while the pool is in use or is being cleaned. There is no need to turn the system off.
  • Safety Turtle is easily portable and can be used anywhere.
  • The Turtle(s) can be tested for low battery.
  • The Safety Turtle system can be progressively expanded through the purchase of additional sensors(s) of the same colour.

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Call me neurotic, but I won’t allow my dogs anywhere near a body of water without a Safety Turtle. It's an alarm system that alerts you when your pet falls into the water. Pets wear the lightweight, turtle-shaped sensor on their collars, which registers a really loud ring at a base station when submerged. If your blind cat or young puppy tumbles into the pool, you’ll know in an instant."